Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to Elijah

I'd like to share more about what I have been learning in I Kings, specifically in I Kings 16:30 through 18:17. The key verse I want to discuss today is

I Kings 17:7
Some time later the brook dried up because there had been no rain in the land.

God took Elijah to the desert and provided for him, until one day the brook dried up. Did it dry up all at once, or could Elijah see the water level decreasing day by day? Did he perhaps measure the evaporation rate and try to predict the exact time when the precious resource would run out? The bible doesn't tell us that. If Elijah had been a modern man, that is exactly what we would have expected him to do, to utilize our scientific knowledge to tell us how bad things are, not necessarily how to fix them, but at least we'll know exactly when to panic and give up hope. Thank you science! It probably would have been considered foolish not to take such measures. Taking stock of your resources is a very practical thing to do right?
Perhaps the bible doesn't tell us if he did these things simply because he didn't. Maybe he lived by faith and not by sight. What a foreign concept that is to our culture today. Even in the church, success is mostly measured by the bank statement, membership roster, and full pews. Which is interesting, because I have seen some of the dinkiest little churches and Christian missions accomplish much more than a ten thousand member church ever dreamed of.
Of course I can judge no one else in this area for I am just as guilty as the guiltiest among us.

I will add more on this later.

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