Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday Confessions

Okay, some of you are going to be shocked, and to tell the truth I am really ashamed of myself for doing what I did very early this morning. My neighbors were having a very loud outdoor party last night. Loud music was blaring. Two Christmases ago these same neighbors partied loudly until 3am then started back up at 5am. We gave it until ten o'clock, then we called the police. The volume went down for a bit, then it went back up around midnight. We called the police again. Finally at one in the morning it was louder than ever and accompanied by drunken whoops and hollers. We had to get up early this morning to drive to be with family. I had enough. I felt like the rest of the neighborhood filled with small children who were supposed to be snug in their beds needed a champion. So far those who were supposed to serve and protect weren't making any headway. Without really thinking through the consequences(never a good idea) I decided to take action! I went into my backyard pulled the hose to the fence and turned it on. I pointed the hose skyward to create a late night rain on a parade that should have ended many hours before. While I did this my husband called the police again. I proceed to have some angry words with party goers over my fence while they threw various objects at me including a cup full of beer. My adrenaline was threw the roof and I was shaking uncontrollably. Now you must understand I try to avoid conflict whenever I can,almost to a fault. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on our door, it was a policeman. We explained ourselves and he let us know that the first two phone calls we had made never resulted in a officer visit to the party.The dispatcher didn't give the officers enough information to find the party, although we had provided it. So now I felt horrible. Of course the neighbors were being inconsiderate, but I should never have taken that kind of action. I would not have wanted to be treated like that. Granted I wouldn't be having a loud party that late, but still.. So I ended up not falling asleep until 3 anyway and waking up every five minutes afraid someone was going to try to retaliate.

So I confess my bad holiday behavior to you. Guess I should get coal in my stocking eh? Good thing Santa already gave me my gifts, hope he doesn't ask for them back.
On a happier note, the kids had a great Christmas and we got to visit some more with my family.
My mom was an avid teapot collector and had a huge collection. Before she passed away we discussed that if she died(which she thought was going to be a long time away) that I would give part of her collection to her nieces(my cousins). So this Christmas I did just that. Everyone really loved their teapots which I hand selected for each one of them from Mom's collection. She would have enjoyed seeing it. I had to work hard to keep from blubbering all over the place.
Included in this holiday offering of how not to treat your neighbors are some holiday photos. Most are black and white just because I like that sort of thing.


Jacquelyn said...

HIllarious!! Glad you ended up having a great christmas after all!

Joanna said...

I love the pictures and was cheering for you as I read about your confrontation too bad it was kind of a foul up. I don't blame you one bit though for trying to do something about it after having called the police so many times.