Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just a bunch of Sickos

Last Friday Ryan woke up with a pounding headache and a fever of 103 degrees. Throughout the day he managed to throw up on my couch and in my car. I knew it wasn't the stomach flu. Ryan will throw up when he has a fever if he drinks water too quickly which is what happened. All day Saturday we fought the fever. The fever is almost always just the beginning so I waited for the other shoe to drop. Boy did it. By Sunday. Taylor and I were down, he with 102 degrees and me with 101. Jenna succumbed Monday. Since then we have been battling the fevers as well as the hacking cough, nasal and chest congestion that showed up too. I hate being sick. I especially hate being sick and taking care of sick people too. Jody was gone from Thursday until Sunday night at his grandmother's funeral in Arkansas so most of Sunday was really hard. I don't know how single parents do it. Jody has been sleeping on the couch all week. So far he has remained immune. Ryan always gets the worst of it. He's had it the longest and right now we are giving him breathing treatments, heavy duty cough medicine, and an antibiotic.
I have kind of lost my momentum on my blog. Hopefully I'll get it back when I feel better. Until then I hope everyone else gets through the cold season without getting whatever this was!

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Joanna said...

So how are you all feeling now? I have had no voice for about 3 weeks. I hope you all are doing better.