Friday, January 4, 2008

Pleasant Surprises

My husband and I have done our fair share of finding old friends on the internet mostly through myspace. I have been the initiator on most occasions of this. It's always a little daunting sending that message which, for all intents and purposes despite the actual text, says "Do you remember me?" Imagine my wonderful surprise when I checked my myspace page this morning to find a blast from the past asking if I remembered them. Considering this person was someone I once had a crush on that was unrequited, it made the question that much more satisfying.

I could have replied in a cool, nonchalant, and condescending manner, "Oh, no, I am so sorry, I don't recall knowing you." This is probably a revenge fantasy of many. But I was simply honored that he remembered me and took the initiative to ask that scary question.

This brings to mind the idea that we should all endeavor to make someone's day a little brighter, whether we need to reach into the past to do so or not. My husband leaves me notes in my comments section on my myspace page. I do the same for him, albeit not enough. When was the last time we sent a little encouragement note, email or snail mail? Or a phone call? Personally I hate the phone. I always feel like I'm disturbing people. Notes and emails are wonderful things that allow the sender to edit and polish and the receiver the choice of when to receive it. They are also a great way to avoid contracting the dreaded foot-in mouth disease.
So if you are reading this, I wish you encouragement and I pray that you will pass some along as well.

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Joanna said...

Well now I am wondering who contacted you. Anyone I know?

I love the Internet and how it has changed the way people connect/reconnect. I am glad we connected and that you are my friend. By the way I responded to the comment you left me on my blog. Please feel free to give me advice. I would love to hear your point of view.