Friday, February 22, 2008

A day at the fair...

Today was the big day! We went to the Indio Date Festival. Our first stop of course was the junior art exhibits. Seven of my students had 8 pieces submitted. Out of those 8 pieces there were 5 first place blue ribbons, one second place red ribbon, and two third place ribbons. I am so very proud of my students. Almost all of my art school students had their work grouped together in a glass display case. Here you will see Ryan Taylor posing in front of their pieces. Taylor won a first place and Ryan won a second place. Jenna's piece shown at the very top won a third place in the high school level competition which is pretty tough.
This is a closeup of Taylor's piece titled "Half Face".
After that we saw a juggler. Then we went to the rides. The kids had lots of fun on these as you can see.

Then it was time for the monkey show. We were able to see and be entertained by some very interesting baboons. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of this.
Then we had lunch and after lunch we went to the petting zoo and the pig races.

After the pig races it was time for a snack. Ryan was in heaven when the doughnut he ordered turned out to be almost as big as he was. Guess what? He ate the whole thing all by himself.

Of course, no day at the fair would be complete without a game on the midway. We are now the proud owners of four goldfish.


Joanna said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful day. Congrats on the awards. They look like they were well deserved. You must be doing an excellent job teaching the kids their art skills. We didn't make it to Date Festival this year we go about every other year.

Joanna said...

Hey Julie just wanted to let you know that the jewelry party is this Saturday March 1st You should come if you have some time. Should be a relaxing afternoon.