Thursday, February 21, 2008

If You Ever Get A Chance

I just wanted to share some things that we do in our family in hope that your families may enjoy them as well. We got hooked on audio books a long time ago and they are usually pretty easy to find at your local library. Some libraries have audio ebooks you can download on your computer. They are great for car rides and for new readers. I really think I learned how to read with those old books that had an accompanying tape cassette with page turn signals! As a carry over to our love of listening we have become avid listeners of Christian Radio programs for kids. There are actually a whole bunch of them and they are easily accessible on the internet. About 80 percent of the good ones can be found at Here you can meet Avery Whitaker and Connie Kendall in Adventures in Odyssey. This has been an ongoing radio drama for 25 years now. Taylor gets up every day and the first thing he does is get online and listen to today's Odyssey. So he starts every day learning about God and how to apply the teachings of the bible in real life situations. We have also come to love some other shows, like Paws and Tails, The Pond, Down Gilead Lane, and others. His Kids also has lots of great Christian kids music. Often, we listen all day long. You can also access some of these shows at At this site you grown ups can also access tons of sermons from tons of pastors. Some of my favorites are Chuck Swindoll, John Piper, J.Vernon Mcgee, and more. I also just happened on another place the other day.
Here you find pirate adventures and sermons for kids as well as some of the programs I listed earlier.
Happy listening!
If you think about it, drop me a note to let me know how you and your family liked these suggestions.


Jacquelyn said...

ivypthanks for the suggestions, can't wait to listen to Odyssey!

Joanna said...

We like audia book sas well. We have listened to the whole Narnia series and Harry Potter series while on road trips.