Monday, April 21, 2008

Good News!

It has been a very long time since I have updated this blog. I have been so busy that any free time I've had has had to be down time in order for me to retain my sanity. But I have such good news now that I must share it and ask for prayers that it continues to go the way it look like it is heading.

I have the opportunity to take my art class into the private Christian school that is part of my church. We just started going to this church back in February but we have known lots of people in it for a long time. The retired pastor did our pre-marriage counseling and went to seminary with my husband's dad. My mother and father-in-law have also been going there for a few years now too. God is so good to me! I knew that I would not be going back to tutoring next year and I have been praying that God would open doors with my art class to either bring more students to the class at my house or to let me take it into a school. I met the school's principal the first time I went to church there. I just asked if the school had any kind of fine arts program going on and they didn't but were interested in adding one. I am so excited! I have a meeting with the other teachers at an in-service training on Monday. I am hoping to complement the existing curriculum and support it with my art program as opposed to having a completely separate program so getting to meet with them now to plan for next year is perfect. Nothing is set in stone until it actually starts though and it could easily not go well and be cut, so keep me in your prayers on this.

God may bless me even more this summer and next year with more students in my home class. I just have to be careful to not turn it into a full time job because homeschooling the boys is my first priority. I am also trying to start a new homeschool coop group. That is near and dear to my heart because the only local coop group does not allow members who use public school homeschool programs. Since it is a Christian group, they feel that members would be violating church and state regulations by including public school children. Though I don't agree on their reasoning, the rules are the rules. So it has become my goal to get a more inclusive group going. It will still be unabashedly Christian, but it will also be open to any type of homeschoolers. Prayers are requested here too!!

Right now I just feel so blessed. I get to get paid to do a job that I love doing and have fun doing. Praise God!


Joanna said...

Hey Julie its good to see you blogging again. I am so happy about your good news that truly sounds like a blessing and I will pray it continues and everything falls nicely into place.

Your coop sounds good to. How often will your coop be meeting? Ours is doing well and we have decided to have an art show for the kids on June 8th. Each child will have 3 art projects to display. We are using it as a fundraiser so we can have money for supplies and money to donate to the church that is givign us space to use. These are kids from preschool-2nd grade so I don't expect a whole lot from their art projects but it should be fun. I'm glad you are starting the coop given the other group out there frowns on using the public school so much. Thats a shame.

Miss Julie's Place said...

I like the art show. It is fun for the kids and it will give them a sense of purpose and community given that it is a fund raiser. I hope that it is really successful. At some point I plan to have a show with my current students and I will plan on one for my Christian School students next year too. Just a suggestion you might think about would be to make a calendar with some of the artwork and make that available for purchase as a fund raiser too.
I am planning the group to meet once a week, but given my new opportunities, the extent of which are a little uncertain at this point, I may have to reconsider and make every other week. I am planning an interest/planning meeting sometime in May.
God Bless,

Joanna said...

I like the calendar idea a lot! Thanks! Our class just meets twice per month but the same kids also meet twice per month at the park for a play day. So basically every Thursday is a homeschool group day.