Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. It is also May 11th. Two years ago today, I lost my mom. I didn't really lose her, I will be seeing her again, but I don't know how long that will be, only God does.
In a previous post, I shared a poem I wrote for my mom on mother's day one year. Teapots and teacups; that one was actually published in a book called
The Heart of A Mother, which was a compilation of poetry, stories and quotes about moms. I was honored by the fact that my poem for my mom got to be in that book. Today I share with you another poem. This one my mom never got to hear. I read it at the dove ceremony at her funeral. My mom loved teapots, something I have explained before, she also loved roses.
With that I give you...

The Rose and the Dove

Once there was a seedling.
Before long the seed began to grow.
First the stem and then the leaves.
Little by little, a blossom began to show.

A young beautiful bud, it soon became.
Her petals opened wide to the sun.
But hard rain and cold wind came too,
And petals fell one by one.

Her beauty still shone through though,
Despite the ravages of time.
Deep inside the flower,
Lived the promises of springtime.

One day her stem did not stand tall.
Her petals were withered and worn.
She looked to the sky and said a prayer,
As from her stem, fell her last thorn.

It was then that a dove appeared
In the clouds, and in one graceful glide,
Swooped down to the earth,taking the rose,
Promising to be her guide.

He would guide her home to the sky,
To the Father, to whom she had prayed
For rest and for peace from the storm.
In Heaven, the rose,
at the feet of Jesus was laid.

The rose filled with joy
In the presence of her creator
Had but one question to ask.
"lord, why did You not take me sooner?"

To her question came this reply:
"Before the dove could guide you here to me,
I had to remove each of your imperfect thorns.
It was then, at last you could be free."

The rose responded in surprise,
"But Lord, those thorns just simply fell off."
"Yes, they did," said Jesus. "They did,
The day I died upon the cross."

In honor of my mother; a very special rose.

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Joanna said...

That was beautiful.

By the way I noticed the store in the Palm Desert Mall (I think its called C28) has shirts that say " Be the Ant" I thought of you and previous blog when I saw that.