Monday, June 23, 2008

Fish Family

So we got the pool on Saturday. Jody had it set up and filling by Saturday afternoon, but I had to babysit so I wasn't able to enjoy it until after church on Sunday. But oh did I enjoy it! It really is perfect for us. It does take up more than half our yard, but we never use the yard in the summer anyway. Now we can be outside and stay cool. Or cooler at least. It didn't take too long for the water to warm up. It cooled off overnight though. Come August it probably won't. The kids love it and it is so great to see them moving around and being active. Most people complain about hyperactive children, mine are hypoactive. While this makes for very mellow and mostly obedient kids, it also makes for kids with low muscle tone. Taylor does handstands and tries to snorkel. He can actually stay under for quite a while. Ryan is very timid in the water, but every time we go in he gets a little braver. His feet touch everywhere in the pool so that helps. I can do all my water exercises in it and swim for a little bit. We are hoping to keep it up until the end of September. While we are in the pool we turn the a/c in the house up a bit so we save electricity and we don't freeze when we come back in the house. Hopefully that will help offset the cost of running the filter on the pool.
In other news, Jenna leaves for Pennsylvania tomorrow. We figured out that Red Lion is actually about 50 miles or so west of Philadelphia, so just maybe she get to visit some family who are there over the summer as well. This will be the first time she is flying solo. She is not even flying as an unaccompanied minor. What this means is I probably won't be able to get a gate pass to walk her back to the gate her flight is leaving from. Touchy moment for a mom. I am sure she'll be fine, but I would rather be able to walk her to the gate.
We have decided not to put Taylor is football this year. I asked him if he wanted to do it or if he was doing it because he thought we wanted him to do it. His answer was in the latter so we decided we would try out karate. There is a class a few blocks from our house and the price is very reasonable. Ryan will do it too as will Jenna when she gets home.
That is all the family news for now.

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Joanna said...

Sounds like you are having a nice summer so far. I will pray for Jenna to have a safe and satisfying trip, and for you to be comforted knowing that she is in God's hands.

The pool sounds great. Ours is almost ready to go. We had to a patch a hole and clean it all up and now there is a hole in one of the hoses so it seems like a lot of effort right now to get it going but I know we will be happy when it is all up and running again.