Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New House- Sort of.

Well my Dad is trying to sell his house in Palm Springs. He and his fiance are planning to live in Arizona once the house sells. So what this meant to me was free furniture. In the ten years Jody and I have been married, we have only bought one item of furniture, a bunk bed set for the boys that he had to put together. I have always tried to make the hand-me-downs work in some sort of matching way. It didn't always work, but God has been gracious to me this time even in the small things. We have a new couch and rug. I was able to come up with a unique furniture arrangement(thank you HGTV) and bring out and hang some of my old artwork. I think it works. If nothing else the newness of it is very gratifying.
The first pic is very old of the old couch. Hubby and Ryan are spudifying on it.
The second two are both shots of the new stuff.
The couch is set at an angle in the room and the computer desk is behind the couch.

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Joanna said...

Congratulations it all looks really good and I love your use of the word "spudifying". I know exactly what its like to make hand-me down furniture work. I have some stuff from thrift stores, some from bargain stores, and some just plain old hand me down. The nicest furniture we have is the crib and changing table/dresser that mom bought for us when I was pregnant with Elijah.