Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Stimulatin' the economy" or "Confessions of the hopelessly uncoordinated"

So we checked my bank account online and were pleasantly surprised to find that Uncle Sam had snuck in there and left us something. We had already anticipated the gift but didn't know whether to expect it in the bank or the mailbox. Likewise we had already discussed how to spend the windfall. New bikes for the family. Taylor's bike was stolen from our backyard and Jody's was kaput. Ryan had outgrown his and Jenna's is beyond repair. Here is where the confession comes in. Notice how I didn't mention anything about the state of my bike? That is because I didn't have one. I have not had one since I was about eight years old. My dad took the training wheels off my bike when I was 6 or 7. I don't remember exactly. Both my parents had pretty much taught themselves to rise their own bikes, so I was expected to do the same. This was a pretty valid expectation since most everything else I had ever learned to do I had done on my own, refusing help from my parents and others. The problem was that I never did learn. So now, at 34, I have no shame and have invested in an adult tricycle. I can justify it somewhat with the increased gas prices. There is a grocery store less than a mile away. With the nice big basket on this I can ride my trike to the store and save precious gas and get some exercise at the same time. I can also ride with the family now and encourage the kids to be more active. The library is close to the store too so we can ride over there as well. If gas prices keep going the way they have been, we are all going to get very fit. Should make Michael Moore happy. Maybe he should try that too.
On a side note, we saw Wall-E yesterday. It was a great movie. It is literally a movie for the whole family. Those who know me well will know why I identify with this character after you have seen the movie.

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Joanna said...

I love your adult trike! I wouldn't mind having one, it looks like it has a good amount of storage space in the basket.