Monday, August 25, 2008

Monster Mommie Moday #1

She is known only as "Monster Mommy." Children and husband live in fear of the dark gloom she brings as the countenance of the sweet lady they know as wife and mother changes drastically as if some Jekyll and Hyde concoction has been poured down her throat. She demands service and obedience without question and with immediacy. If she is not satiated, within seconds her force grows as like a tropical storm feeding on energy to become a devastating hurricane. "Is your room clean? Why not? Do it now! Why did you make the bed like that? I've taught you a hundred times how to do it right! Why are you just sitting there watching tv? No you are not allowed to nap. What about the mountains of laundry in the garage? How much longer does the box spring that didn't fit in the bunk bed frame have to live in the living room? Do your 4 guitars have to live here in my bedroom? Can't they live somewhere else? Maybe somewhere I don't have to see them all the time? Why does the lego box look like it exploded? Don't you know how much I have to do in a week? What if we sat down to compare lists? I know mine would be way longer than yours. I can't believe you guys don't appreciate me more. Don't you know how much I do for all of you." all said in a blaze of fire breathing smoke.
As much as this tyrannical sergeant is reviled, she is however effective. After one of her appearances the home of the sweet mom is cleaner and more organized. For a few days afterward, the husband and children are more attentive. Yet they live in dread of the monster's next tirade. They dream of a hero to come slay the monster once and for all. Of course like Dorothy in Oz, who had the power to go home the whole time right at her feet, literally, these children and husband too, hold the power to tame the monster mommy. Will they ever realize it? Do they realize that the sweet mom they love dreads the monster's coming every bit as much as they do?

Many of you will recognize this as a previous post, but I wanted to repost it for those who are new to my blog and wonder where the whole "Monster Mommie" thing came from. So on Monday's just because they are Monday's, I reserve the right to rant. I also reserve the right to remember how blessed I am and that 99 percent of my altitude is determined by my attitude. I will also remember that a great attitude always begins with GR Attitude.

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Jackie said...

I am thrilled to have found your blog...I like your attitude!