Friday, September 5, 2008

Breaking the Rules

I am going to do a format change just for today out of neccessity. I do this for two reasons, the first to congratulate my dad and his new bride Nan, who were married this past Sunday. I had meant to write about it on Thursday, but between a little case of writers block and a big case of busy schedule, I didn't. I was able to meet much of my new family at the wedding and they were all wonderful. I am looking forward to getting to know them all better.

I may write more later about the wedding later, but I also have a second reason to preempt myself. This coming Sunday is Taylor's 10th birthday. So I am posting a wish list of his for all to see. This is of course a parent approved wish list and may not include things he is really wishing for (like a Wii or a Playstation which are not approved by Mom and Dad).

On another note, I taught my first two after-school classes at the private school this week and it went really well. I must admit I was humbled by the Kindergarten through 2nd grade class in terms of class control and discipline though. The younger kids class is on Wednesdays so when Thursday's older kid class came, I had a strategy. I must thank my friend Joanna for this one, and Supernanny as well.
In my home school my boys earn glass pebbles everytime they finish a subject for the day or do a chore or work on a habit we're trying to develop. When all the pebbles are moved from one container to the other then we get to go somewhere special like Chuck E. Cheese or Pump It Up. This also gives me "Pebble Power" because if they don't finish they don't get pebbles or if there are attitudes or discipline issues I can have the power to take pebbles away. There is only one jar and also they are a team. Each kids good and bad affect the other. In this way they are learning how the world really works and about team effort to obtain a common goal. So in my classes at school the kids will start with a full jar. If there are issues, I will take away pebbles. If they still have a full jar at the end of class they all will either be able to pick a prize from my prize bag(for the younger kids) or get an entry for the art kit giveaway I will do at the end of the session. They also earn entries and prizes by doing the homework I give them. This worked well on Thursday so we'll see how it goes with the younger kids next week.

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Joanna said...

Glad the classes are going well! Thanks for the shout-out. Andrew is doing your cubism project today.