Monday, September 1, 2008

Monster Mommie Mondays #2

If you asked my husband he would tell you I am just this side of OCD when it comes to cleaning. If you asked someone with OCD or somebody, say like Joan Crawford, they would tell you I was a pig. I think of myself as the latter who would like to live in Joan's house.
I can't help it. I like it when things are clean. I don't always enjoy the process of getting it that way though. Especially if two seconds before, it was that way and one of my precious beloveds is at fault for changing the pristine status. I also don't have time to get everything the way I'd really like it to be and when I decide to make that time I easily get distracted by something way more important. For instance, cuddling up with hubby in the bed and watching Law and Order reruns.
"Oh look. Law and Order is on." (Isn't it always on?)
My favorite of course is when I have to redo something. A disturbing thing to think about is how many teenage employees there are in eating establishments. My daughter is a teenager. The health department would be appalled to know how much dirt I got off my floor five minutes after she was "done" cleaning it.
Like many others, I am also very keenly aware of how unclean my house is when I have guests in it. I have people in my house quite frequently because of art classes. So I do my best and firmly believe in a cleaning process known as "stash and dash". There are few of us, I am convinced, that don't have a room or space somewhere, where guests are not allowed simply because that is where all the junk went five minutes before said guests arrival.
You are probably wondering how I can stand teaching childrens art classes in my house. In all honesty it doesn't bother me. It just needs to be clean when we start and when we are all done. In fact the reason I have many students is because other moms would rather my dining room be the one to suffer the art abuse as opposed to theirs and I am okay with this. I try to use washable materials and so far have been very blessed to only have one green finger paint print on the white dining room walls.
Yes the walls are white and so are the floors. This is not my choice as we are renting, but it does make me acutely aware of every speck of dirt landing on them.
I seem to be obsessed with the floor for some reason. I will have been married eleven years this coming November and for all of those years, through four different residences, the floors have either been very light or white. Someday I will have dark floors with dark grout!!!!!!!!

As I write this I can see some perfect theological opportunities, but I will save those for Thursday. Make sure to join me then since you've gotten a sneak peek.

I must also add, perhaps to honor him, and perhaps to make other wives jealous, my hubbie does do dishes, cook, and vacuum at least a few times a week. In fact he just finished cleaning out the fridge. A job I had started but abandoned to come and write this. And because I love him so much, I am not going to recheck his work and try to do it over.

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Joanna said...

Ok I am jealous. Sounds like you definitely have a keeper in that hubby of yours and yes Law and Order does seem to be on at any given time on some channel. I know because I am fan of those reruns as well. =)

I wish I were a little more OCD about cleaning. I would feel better about having people over. I am trying to do better though.