Monday, September 8, 2008

Monster Mommie Mondays #3- The Precious.

There are two incarnations of the precious. One can be hot or cold, the other must always be cold. One is for morning, the other for evening. There can never be enough and the precious must not be wasted or spilled, even just a few drops. Special pilgrimages must be made to obtain more when precious resources run low, and never, never can the precious be allowed to run out. It is not idolatry or addiction but plain and simple necessity. Our little corner of the world cannot run without the precious to fuel it. The precious is blessed!

What is this precious you ask?

Gasoline does not power the world. It is CAFFEINE!!!!!!


Joanna said...

I LOVE my morning coffee, yes I am and addict, lol.

p.s. Thank you for your comments on my my blog as well. I would love to hook up Andrew and Jenna he needs a little evangelist in his ear, heehee. I'll ask him about postinghis project and see what he thinks. Thanks for offering.

joy l. said...

Hi! Ezequiel told me about getting in contact with you... How fun! After all these years. :-) I have been meaning to write you an e-mail, and I still plan on doing so, as soon as I get a free moment, but for now, I just wanted you to know that I visited your blog this evening and it brought a smile to my heart. I completely understand this post! :-) For me it's coffee in the morning and black tea in the afternoon.

I look forward to corresponding with you soon!

Ms. Julie's Place said...

I am glad to hear from you. I have been meaning to email you as well.
it is so funny how things work out.
I have thought of you both often through the years though not together! I am so blessed knowing that you helped bring your hubby to the Lord. I always knew he was so smart and special, as are you.
I know that you and your family are serving Him well!