Monday, September 15, 2008

Monster Mommie Mondays #4- A voice crying in the wilderness.

God has blessed me with many talents. Singing is not one of them unless you count the joyful noise variety. Unfortunately I tainted my poor children as well. Singing around our house is not generally encouraged by my musician perfect pitched husband. I know the kids have musical talent though, it seems to flow through the Moses family tree veins, just not in our branches vocal cords.
I can however hear when someone is off key, even a little. All the years of living with my hubbie have made me very sensitive to it, so singing is not generally encouraged around our house by me either. But just because I can hear the difference doesn't mean I can reproduce the difference. In fact, if I am singing in a group, like at church, if there is an off key person anywhere near me, my voice goes right off in that wrong direction. I just do the best I can most Sunday's and hope the Lord has some sort of filter he hears me through like the one He sees me through.
This past Sunday though, it was about all I could do to just stay standing and not fall over laughing. There was one lady singing, that though not off key, was so loud and unblending when she should have been blending that it was downright obnoxious. I tried to focus on the music, to get into the heart of worship and honor the Lord with my own less than perfect offering. Just then, behind me came an old man warble so off it could have been a light switch. Focus, focus, I told myself in between chuckles.
Then I started thinking. Life is like this isn't it? We know what the true voice sounds like and we try to imitate it, but our own voice just can't measure up and then there are all these other voices and many times we know they are false but our voices just go right along with them.
Lord, I get it.
At that moment, very near there was a voice that was pure and true. I focused on that voice and got through the song. By the end I was crying.
Lord, I get it.

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Jacquelyn said...

Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one that struggles in church sometimes! Sometimes I really feel like I understand Peter's swimming lesson - a moment focused on the Lord - a moment focused on what's going on around me and soon I start to sink. Whenever I get irritated with another singer I usually shut my own mouth and pray that the Lord would change my heart. It's all about Him right? he demands a joyful noise and that we worship in spirit and in truth - no musical talent required!