Monday, September 22, 2008

Monster Mommie Mondays #5 - A few of my not so favorite things about homeschooling...

A few of my not so favorite things about home school...

1. There is no substitute teacher to call when the home school teacher is sick.
2. There are no cafeteria ladies who make lunch. The teacher is the cafeteria lady.
3. There are no janitors to sweep, vacuum, or mop the classroom floor. The teacher is usually the janitor too.
4. There are no teacher assistants or parent volunteers to help grade papers or lead special projects.
5. The dining room wall once intended for a nice hutch or painting is now home to a bulletin board full of projects that I am not allowed to throw away(unless it under the cover of nightfall).
6. When the kids complain about the teacher being mean, I can no longer schedule a parent conference to deal with her bad temper.(Unless an hour at the day spa counts)
7. When my child burps or farts and celebrates it in public, I can no longer blame the poor peer influence.

On the other hand...

A few of my favorite things about home school...

1. Math in pj's.
2. My six year old shouting, "The lego tower is about to collapse."
3. My six year remarking on the "beautiful mosaics" he saw on the outside of the Petco building.
4. My ten year old correcting me on whether or not a jumping spider is venomous or not.
5. My ten year old and seven year old not learning anything new in a group class for other home schoolers because we've already covered it at home.
6.The girls at my art class being mad that my ten year old son was on the boys team when we played art tic tac toe because he always knew all the answers.
7. That my seven year old told me that when he is in high school my husband and I still have to give him hugs and kisses at night,but that we're not allowed to tell anyone about it.


Jacquelyn said...

here are some of my favs - I'm never "late" for school. The classroom can be wherever we are, and we can be done as soon or as late as we wish. My not-so-favorite things: the choice btwn. a messy house or doing the lessons I'm supposed to do, being stuck at the table patiently supervising vs. doing whatever they heck is on my to-do list., never getting a sick day, a true school vacation or the weekends off!

Joanna said...

I hear you on all those especially the part about being the janitor and the lunch lady.

Crissy said...

I just discovered your blog. I home school my 4 children. It definitely has its pros and cons. Love your post.

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Thanks for dropping by. If your kids like art, feel free to use any of the art lessons or anything else here you might find useful.

PS I admire those with more than 3 children. I have three and 4 scares me!

Kimmi said...

Crissy is my sister and was NEVER going to homeschool! Hahahaha! It's sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating when God changes the plans we have so carefully made. Thanks for your blog. Please, keep posting.