Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Website Wednesdays #3

Okay, this will have to be quick as I've spent the past thirty minutes looking for a bookmarked page to a blog that I left a comment on saying it would be a Wednesday pick.
Do you think I can find that bookmark among the multitude of other bookmarks right now.
I am pretty good at organizing these, but not today I guess. So I will have to be satisfied to offer you these today.

Here is a recent site I found for art lessons. It is called
Art Teacher on the Net

Something for language arts today. Ever had a word you just couldn't think of a rhyme for? Next time try going over to try Poetry & Prose's automatic rhymer.

Finally something cool that could easily be made educational. I won't spoil the surprise, but click here too see it.

Also a "Mummy-Kens" special report. The "Mummy-Kens" were laid to rest yesterday after being fitted with their burial masks and then laid into their golden sarcophagi.(These were made from the original Ken boxes and covered with gold metallic scrapbook paper) Their pyramid tomb was completed at the same time, so a funeral procession with a professional mourner(me pretending to wail) entombed the mummies.

Thousands of years later, the great explorers find the pyramid of the "Mummy-Kens"!

*Edit note*
I remembered the site! Yay! It is all about learning the everyday skills that as home schoolers we sometimes neglect in favor of academics. It is a great site.
Homeschooling for the Real World.

Also the 141st Carnival of Homeschooling Post is up. Check it out. You may end up back here!

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Joy @ Five J's said...

Thanks for the link to my site (Homeschooling for the Real World). :) I guess I need to put up some new posts now. I've been so busy working on my other 2 blogs, I think I've neglected it somewhat!

Joy @ Five J's, Happy to be at Home, and Homeschooling for the Real World