Friday, September 12, 2008

What gives him the authority?

Does being a celebrity suddenly make someone an expert on everything?

You may have heard about Matt Damon's little hissy fit over Sarah Palin being on the Republican ticket. I am not posting it or a link to it here simply because he is getting enough press as it is and I am not giving him another platform for his ignorant soapbox.
He is concerned about her qualifications and experience. Well, what qualifications and experience does he bring to the table that should allow him to use his celebrity status to make political value judgments. Sure he's smart and has an academy award but last time I checked those weren't the best resume attributes to get you a job as a political analyst or commentator. Yet he goes right on ahead and steps into that role just like he does one of his Hollywood action thrillers. He writes and performs in roles about fictional events experienced by fictional characters in a fictional world.
Maybe he thinks he knows something because of the political convictions his college professor mother taught him. Of course, that must be it because there is so much of the real world happening behind the closed doors of university academia. Much of what is propagated on liberal university campuses is in essence socialism.
Socialism looks real good on paper or as a Utopian ideal, but in practice it always falls short. Many people mistakenly look to the early church in the book of Acts as an example of Christian socialism. All the Christians in the church sold all they had in order to share with those who were in need. These people did this of their own volition, not because they were required to do so.(Acts 2:44,45) If you know the rudiments of the story, you may be giving voice to a question about Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). If the early church members weren't required by God to sell all their possessions and share the proceeds with the church, then why did God bring about the deaths of this couple when they kept part of the proceeds from the sale of a parcel of land they owned? They brought about their own destruction not because of their unwillingness to share, but because of the deception they perpetrated in allowing the church to believe they had given everything. Deception is something Matt and Obama probably know alot about. Matt from writing and acting it and Obama from practicing it.
In real life socialism those people would have been forced by insanely high taxes to share all they had and then the government would have "redistributed" that wealth through expensive and inefficient programs after much of it was already spent or siphoned off by corrupt officials. (Welcome to the future of this country with Obama as president by the way.)
Another problem he seems to have with Palin is her faith. Why should her belief in a literal 6 day creation make her any less qualified to run a country? Scientific evidence for a young earth is piling up much faster than those missing links are.
Not to mention that some of the brightest minds in science today are Christians who promote a young earth theory, going against the grain of a well-established world system that does not like to be questioned. Ah, that sounds very much like the exact establishment Palin is ready to take on so maybe her faith has already helped prepare her for Washington. (By the way Matt, dinosaurs were probably here closer to 5 or 6 thousand years ago, you can check out ICR for better numbers.)
He speaks also of "not knowing who she is and not knowing who she is in eight weeks from now". Apparently he must know Obama pretty well. In fact maybe better than Obama himself since he can't seem to remember what religion he is without a reporters prompting.
Why shouldn't a hockey mom of five, one of whom has special needs, and another of who is a pregnant teenager be able to handle the ups and downs of global politics?
Think of the problem solving, time and crisis management she had to have just to get her through her life this far. A bunch of whiny little senators has got to be easier than that, and could probably use a few well placed words from a mom who'll give them a "what-for" when they need it.
The new Jack in the Box ad shouldn't be a JIB commercial, it should be the new McCain and Palin campaign promo. It shows two businessmen being pushed in an oversized stroller by an undersize woman. Both with laptops and cellphones trying to work when one realizes he is hungry and begins to cry causing the other to wail as well. The woman then magically makes it all better with the presentation of taco bell food. At the end of the ad, they are seen fighting over the food Instead of businessmen, think congressmen, senators, UN officials, and other world leaders and instead of JIB food, think borders, oil and nuclear arms.
(I tried to find the spot on Youtube but was unsuccessful- much like Damon's future career may be).

You may think that after my little rant that I would encourage you to boycott Matt Damon movies and ask you to throw out your Bourne DVD's. Nothing of the sort. The man is a great actor. Help him make money doing what he is great at. But he is an actor and that is all. But do not let him use his ignorant celebrity status to unduly influence your ideas and opinions. His opinion should have no effect on how you cast your vote. It will have no effect on how I cast mine. Neither will Pink's. Sarah Palin's integrity might however as will Obama's lack of it.

*Editor's note* My apologies to Matt. The Book of Job being about 2000 years old does put dinos here about 4000 years ago. This article over at ICR explains much better than I can.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Julie. You are correct. Who gave Matt the authority? I agree with all that you say.

I discovered your blog about a month ago, and enjoy your posts.
Thanks, Christine

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Thank you. I will try to live up to your kind words.


Enoch_Elijah said...

Rant away Julie, rant away! ;-)

Agree totally with what you have written and am encouraged to see a sister in the Lord battling for the Truth! ICR and AiG are among the resources I love to take advantage of myself!

Acts 5:11 always serves to remind me that we serve such a holy and awesome God...the church,and especially the world, is right to fear such a One!


Tonia said...

He gets to have an opinion, based on his beliefs and research, just like you do. He is a celebrity, so he gets more face time. You just got to rant on about your beliefs, he gets to as well. That is what freedom is all about. If we make laws to keep people from expressing other beliefs than ours, as perhaps you want to and Palin wants to, then aren't we keeping people from free will, and discovering God's plan on their own?