Saturday, November 1, 2008

Proverbs, Particulars and Possibilites...

The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;
To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding. Proverbs 1:1,2

Start at the beginning for the beginning is a very good place to start. I believe that is from the Sound of Music, and though it may seem trite, it is in fact very true. These beginning verses in Proverbs do at least two things for us, they let us know who is giving us this information and why. This is more information than some of us get before we agree to a date with someone. All joking aside though, these are two very important bits of information that actually give us more information if we look a little closer. Because the author is identified as Solomon, we get a general idea of when the book was written, and if we know that, then we can also ascertain other events that were occurring during the writing of this text. Solomon reigned as King over Israel during a time of peace. Because there were no battles to wage or kingdoms to defend against invasion, introspection was allowed. When you're busy fighting a war and trying to survive you don't often get a chance to look inward and examine the motivations of your soul. Likewise, if you're so busy that you wonder why solitary confinement is supposed to be a punishment, then Satan has got you right where he likes you to be.(B.U.S.Y.- Being Under Satan's Yoke) It is these times of introspection that often lead to edification and spiritual growth. Even in the history of civilizations we can see that a people did not become great until the times of peace where education and culture were cultivated as much as the crops needed to sustain it's population were.
So it was during this time of peace that Solomon chose to instruct his readers as to where and how they could acquire wisdom and understanding, and who better to disseminate these vital truths than the wisest man ever known. I wonder if his purpose were not partially self-serving as well. If you have read the banner at the top if this blog, you know why I write much of what I write, which is not to instruct others so much as to remind myself what I still need to learn and put into practice. It is through writing about these subjects that I meditate on what they truly mean and in so doing I come to an understanding of sorts.
So as you begin this proverbial journey with me. let me give you my version of a road map. For each of the next thirty days, I will post a devotion that I have written based on a verse in Proverbs. Each chapter and verse will correspond with the day of the month. For instance, today is the first of the month so I chose to explore Proverbs 1:1 and 2. Sometimes, I will explore more than one verse like that so as not to take important material out of context. On the second I will look at Proverbs 2:2, the third, 3:3, etc. Please know that I hold no special theological degrees, I am simply writing about what these verses mean to me. I do try to do my homework though before I write here, but as I am a very busy homeschool, art teacher, mom, I am fallible and I make mistakes. I do however welcome comments that offer gentle correction and criticism if warranted.
Thanks for taking this little road trip with me, and I look forward to exploring these proverbs, particulars, and possibilities with you! :)

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Enoch_Elijah said...

hmmmm...i hope I don't accidentally double post...

I wanted to thank you for being willing to share your thoughts on Proverbs. I look forward to learning with you!

Isn't the Word of God awesome! ;-)

Ms. Julie's Place said...

It surely is! Of course you know I expect you to keep me accountable on this. Both in what I say and in the actual saying of it. (this is a project I've been working on for a while...)