Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He is Not Surprised

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. the authorities that exist have been established by God. Romans 13:1

I am not happy. I am not surprised, but I am not happy. God is not surprised either. In fact, He knew who would win this election before He even created the earth. I do believe that God has given Americans what they wanted, what they have been clamoring for. Of course, getting what you want does come with consequences as well.
Think of the nation of Israel in I Kings. They wanted a leader, they wanted a king. A judge appointed by God was not enough for them, they wanted a protector, a general who would fight against the invaders trying to overtake them. More than anything they wanted a king because all the countries around them had a king too.
God listened.
God told Samuel to anoint Saul as king over all Israel, yet even as the people celebrated because their new leader was tall, strong, robust, and handsome, Saul warned the people that this choice they made did not come without consequence. It was not the way God would have done things, and anytime we veer away from the original plan God intends there are consequences, sometimes cataclysmic ones that have an impact on eternity.
Saul was a man of the people. Unfortunately, what they really needed was a man of God. Saul was willing to cut corners in obedience to God in order to meet the demands of the people. It eventually brought about his ruin and downfall, spiritually and physically, as well as threatening to tear a great nation in two.
As we know, David reunited that great nation and between himself and the reign of his son Solomon, Israel enjoyed a golden age. Yet that golden age did not last, again because God gave people over to the desires of their own wicked hearts(beginning with their leader himself) and eventually into slavery.
So as a new day dawns here in America, we can in fact have hope, though I do not believe it is the "Hope" Obama has to offer. I believe that unlike Israel, we have the hope of our Messiah available to us now, and it is in that I hope in which I will rest.
I will continue to pray as well, for the president-elect, his family, his wisdom, and his salvation. I will also pray for this nation as a whole just as Abraham pled with God not to destroy Sodom for the sake of just ten righteous people, I will pray that God will not sweep away the many millions of righteous believers in this country with the many millions more, who have been given over to their desires. I will pray for a revival, for a nation that will turn their hearts back to God. If God does not give me the desires of my heart, I will know that is for my own good, and that it will be to fulfill His greater purpose, perhaps the purpose of ushering in a new Kingdom here on earth, a truly golden age that will last no less than a thousand years!


Enoch_Elijah said...

Well said Julie. I want to direct you to these two items that I hope you have time to look over:



Anyhow, loved reading your post and keep it up! May the Lord bless you and yours.

In Christ,


Kate said...

I have to say, I was not happy either. I still am sort of struggling with it. However, I disagree sometimes with the whole, "God Knew who it was". Here is why. Humans have choice, if we did not, we would be like little puppets pulled by strings above. I think that God most definitely can sway the hearts of people. My sister was involved in the YWAM shooting that happened in Denver last christmas (she was at the base when it happened), and so many people said "it must have been God's will"...and I have a hard time justifying that it was GODS will for a sick boy to come in and shoot up the place killing two of my sisters friends. People have a will. Does that make sense? Anyway, just my thoughts...

but, I will pray for him. I think thats my job.

Joanna said...

Thanks for posting this Julie. I think the bible story you posted is very relevant.