Saturday, February 28, 2009

Addiction, Justification, Validation and a Giveaway Announcement!

My good friend Jessica at ArtSmarts for kids just sent me this link. More validation for my addiction.
You enabler, you. Thank you Jessica, good stuff to know when my pastor sees me doodling in church!

On another note, I am announcing my first giveaway!!!

Monday is a somewhat auspicious day for me as I am turning 35. Thirty had it's own sort of trauma but 35 is like getting to the top of the hill and getting a real good view of the steep slope down the other side and realizing the speed at which you are approaching it! There are lots of things I love about this age though and in honor of that (and the fact that I share this special day with Dr. Suess and Jon Bon Jovi- my 7 year old thinks that is so cool) I am going to give something away! In fact 35 is just so nerve racking, I will give two things away...

Eve's Redemption Giveaway
Giveaway #1

Set of 20 "Eve" notecards and envelopes.

Rules: Really simple. Guess the bible verse symbolism of the butterfly pattern in the lower left of the art piece and guess the right number I am thinking of between one and one hundred. To enter, leave a comment under this post with the previous info, a valid email address and Giveaway #1 in the body of the comment.

Custom Art Lesson and Unit Study Giveaway
Giveaway #2

I will custom design a step by step drawing lesson and unit study to complement your current lesson plan or an idea you want to try.

Rules: To enter, leave a comment explaining the theme of your lesson plan or curriculum and Giveaway #2 in the body of the comment.

Contest is open until Friday March 6th and winners will be announced on Saturday March 7th. (Just in time to honor my hubbie's birthday as well!)


School for Us said...

Giveaway #2: What a great giveaway. :-)
One of our upcoming studies - Fables!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh my goodness. You mentioned "doodling in church" and it reminded me of this post by a friend of mine:

School for Us said...

Giveaway #2: I'm not trying to enter twice :-), I just realized I kind of mis"spoke." My study is actually Tall Tales (not Fables) - like Paul Bunyun, Johnny Appleseed, etc. Sorry!

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Not a problem. The more specific you can be, the better. So you helped me out here with explaining that. :)

I've still got some ideas brewing for that theme though.

Jessica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May it be a fun but restful day full of family and love and, of course, cake!

Jessica's Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you!! And, oh pleeeese, you aren't even close to the top of the hill yet! And a big Thanks for all your support of my daughter!

Jamie said...

Giveaway #2 -- I am so thankful for the body of Christ and the gifts He has given each one of us! I would love to have the opportunity to use your art lessons. We are doing a unit study on Knights and Castles in the Medieval times. I have 2 boys ages 6 and 3. Thanks again for the great giveaway!