Monday, March 30, 2009

Monsters and Aliens

"The Forty Dot Monster"

We started by placing 40 dots on a large (18 x 24") piece of paper.
We then connected all the dots and looked at it for a
few minutes to determine what kind of monster was
hiding in that form. We then added details like eyes,
skin and scale patterns
and a extra limb here
or there
to balance things out. We then traced in black sharpie
and colored in oil pastel. When it was done we
cut it out and mounted it on a large piece of colored
construction paper.

*Editor's Note- The idea for this project was found at here at Teach Kids Art

"Miss Julie"

Now meet the name aliens. I originally saw this project over at Art Projects for Kids. It has become a favorite of my son's. It only takes a few little tweaks to end up with a totally different alien each time. These were done in marker as was the one at Art Projects, but I have found the procedure to much easier to do with crayon.

Start out by folding your paper in half. Sign your name in pencil as large as you can while still getting all the letters of your name. (You can print or use all capitals-hence the tweaks I mentioned- but it is important to connect all the letters.) When you are happy with it color over all the lines very heavily with crayon- a darker color like blue, purple, brown, or black will work best. Then close up the paper on the fold and use a tool(we used a marker with the lid on) to apply very firm pressure over all the crayon lines. It is best to make sure you are working on the back side of where you applied the crayon. This will transfer the lines to the other side to create a mirror image. Darken up the lines and decide what kind of alien is hiding in your name. Decide where the top and bottom are and add all the details!

These would be great activities to do after you see the new Disney /Pixar film Monsters vs. Aliens or as we know will happen soon- ALIEN AND MONSTER BIRTHDAY PARTIES!



*Editor's Note- The idea for this project was found at here at Teach Kids Art


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caseybumpinalong said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing! My son's birthday is coming up and he wants to go see Monsters vs. Aliens on his special day. I like to give my kids a day off of school on birthdays, but now thanks to your ideas, I can at least sneak in some art and call it school :)

School for Us said...

Neat! I remember doing the "name" art when I was in elementary school! Thanks for the memory. They look great.

TeachKidsArt said...

Your Dot Monsters are similar to the ones I posted in my blog a while back, but I like how you colored them with oil pastels and cut them out to mount on a contrasting background... nice! I was trying to remember where I originally saw this idea, and I think it may have been in School Arts Magazine many years ago. It does get hard to keep track of where we first saw things, but I love that we can all share our ideas!! :)

caseybumpinalong said...

We made our monsters and aliens! It was fun! Thanks for sharing the great idea! (My name above links to our post).

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing, I love the aliens and we will be making those soon. We enjoyed the movie as well

Jessica said...

I was substitute teaching in a first grade class on Friday and the teacher had left a similar project to do with the kids during math class (they were learning about symmetry. Because the kids didn't know how to write in cursive yet, and trying to get them to connect their letters in a different way would have been too much for them to handle, the kids just wrote their names on the back and then cut out a contour around the letters. Then they colored in the other side and created symmetry monsters. They LOVED it! I let them make more if they finished early and they used nicknames or last names to make larger or smaller monsters to complete their "families."

Just a thought for using this idea with the little ones.