Monday, March 5, 2012

St. Patrick and More Shamrocks: Scratches and Rainbows

St. Patrick was actually an English citizen who was captured by slave traders and sold as a slave in Ireland. For many years he worked in the fields as a shepherd. This gave him a lot of time to think, especially about God and His plan for Patrick's life. After many years, Patrick felt God was telling him to return to England. After a harrowing journey filled with miracles, Patrick made it back home to England and to a family who had long believed him to be dead or lost forever. It was after this that Patrick became a priest rising in the ranks to become a bishop. Patrick began to hear God's call once again urging him to return to England to share the good news of the gospel with the mostly druid and pagan tribes of Ireland, the place of his long enslavement. Having been among them for so long, Patrick had an intimate knowledge of the Irish people that many others would not have had. He did return and many miracles have since been attributed to him, including driving all the snakes out of Ireland. To this day, Ireland does not have any snakes.
He also used the shamrock or "three-leaved clover" to help explain the idea of the trinity to his Irish parishioners, which is why we often use the shamrock to symbolize this special day.

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Shamrock Scratch(Art Project)

What you will need:
White paper(preferably cardstock)
Colored construction paper for the frame- your choice
crayons- shades of green and black
brass fasteners(also known as brads, or use a skewer or paper clip)

1. Fold paper into eighths
2. Draw half a heart on the fold
3. Cut through all layers
4. Should produce 4 symmetrical hearts

5. Color three of the hearts with shades of green. Color with a lot of pressure.
6. Color a second heavy layer of black.
7. "Scratch" designs on the black layer with a scratch tool-
(Brass fastener, skewer, or paper clip)

8. Arrange in the shape of shamrock and glue down
9. Add a stem
10. Add a background (perhaps a rainbow?)

Go to this link to make a FUN PAPER FRAME




Jessica said...

I love the project! Scratch drawings are so much fun.

I never knew that about the three leaves of the clover. What a fun fact.

Shannon said...

What a terrific project! I just found your blog through At Home Science. I love your ideas - I'll be back to visit often. :)
Shannon @ Song of My Heart