Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tall Tales- the unit study

A little overdue, but as promised, here is the rest of the Tall Tales Unit Study. The art lesson was in this post. Today I will cover Geography,History, Science, Math, and Language Arts.

Geography- Learn about all the places Paul and Babe went. Maine, Minnesota, Oregon. Or the places he made according to the legend: the Rocky Mountains, Appalachians and the Mississippi River. (For an add-on to spelling, learn how to spell all these places and learn the Mi-double-s-i-double-s-i-double-p-i spelling trick.)

History- Part of why Paul did what he did as a logger was to make way for the Westward Expansion of the United States. Settlers headed west to become pioneers. Some real life stories to learn about, that center on this topic are Louis and Clark and the Oregon Trail.

Science- As I mentioned, Paul Bunyan was a logger. What a great way to tie in to the study of environmental preservation and the global effects of deforestation.

For math- I challenge you to incorporate the art lesson. Use ratios to make a life size version of your art project in a driveway or park with chalk. Start by making a square grid of you first project with one inch squares. Go outside and measure the same grid but this time use one foot squares. Copy the lines from each box on the small project into the larger one. This is the same method muralists use to make large scale art projects on the sides of buildings.
When you are done answer these questions:
1. How tall was Paul Bunyan on paper?
2. How tall was he outside?
3. How about Babe?

Finally, for language arts, there are lots of tall tales told by many different authors and illustrators. I have some listed below in my recommended books.
After reading a few, write your own tall tale to explain some part of historical or scientific occurrence. Be sure to include larger than life characters in unbelievable circumstances. When you are done, be sure to write your tall tale on very tall paper!

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24718-sample.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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School for Us said...

Hi, Julie. We are back to our Tall Tales unit today and I hope to post some of what we've done tonight. Thanks again for what you put together!

{ jamie } said...

Some neat ideas here; thanks for sharing! ♥