Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parrot Paradise

Yo y Mis Pericos by Frida Kahlo
Yo y Mis Pericos

I am taking a quick break on American Art History to look at our neighbors to the south. Frida tends to be one of those artists that you really like or really don't like. Personally I go back and forth depending on the piece, but my respect for her talent and triumph over adversity never wavers. In her honor, I present this lesson based on one of the subjects she often added to her paintings.
Next up we will take a look at Frida's husband- Diego Rivera.

I start by giving student a large paper- 18"X 24" and having them fold it in half lengthwise(like a hot dog) and then width wise creating 4 "boxes".

The body of the bird will rest in the upper two boxes and the very long tail feathers will be in the two lower boxes.

Make the eye just to the right of the center fold. After the drawing is complete, outline in black permanent marker.

The sample above was created with watercolor pencil and a q-tip dipped in water.


Mr Lee said...

Well done.Lovely.Nice to meet you.Welcome to our blog

Jimmie said...

I like Kahlo, but looking at her body of work is quite depressing. She seems so sad to me. Thanks for the parrot lesson.

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