Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coming Soon- I Hope!



I hesitate to make announcements about upcoming projects, not because I don't do it often, but because when I do, something called life seems to get in the way. However, I am anxious to share my project plans for the summer. My classes have been on hiatus for a couple of weeks but start back up on Monday. I am taking the summer to explore American art history beginning with Anasazi pottery. For the next two months we will go from Native American art up through Norman Rockwell. I am basing these lessons on the Picturing America grant I received earlier in the year. The grant came with these wonderfully huge double sided posters and a teachers guidebook to integrate art appreciation in all other aspects of the curriculum. Right up my alley. Of course there really were no art project lesson plans. I'll just have to come up with those on my own. The sample above was from the last time we studied Anasazi pottery a few years back. It was made with sculpey clay in a coil method. After baking it was painted black and white and then glazed with a clear coat. I will post student examples and step by step examples in my next posts.


Katie said...

I didn't know you were 14 weeks pregnant :) CONGRATS! I am about 5 weeks behind you :))))) (with my first!)

Mr. Ted Edinger said...

Hey, the print set you have is AMAZING!! We have it at our school(though not in my art room...blah!). It's amazing. My art camp that I finished a week ago...we're doing Americana kind of art stuff. Little bit folk art, functional arts, and some famous American artists. I'm excited about it. We already made our supply order...for a year from now :) ha ha

lee said...

I am really interested in your posts using the Picturing America grant prints. Our school also has this set and it's beautiful. Last school year, I used multiple prints for some cityscape projects and the crazy quilt print for a Klimt project. Your blog is great!