Friday, August 7, 2009

Dog Gone It Toto!

The afterschool program where I teach has been working on a Reader's Theater all about the Wizard of Oz. I thought this could be a great launching pad for art projects that integrate with the curriculum a bit. The above is our version of Toto. This particular project has several artistic influences, including Origami, Ed Emberly, and Eric Carle.
I started out by making some beautiful painted paper in the style of Eric Carle, though you could use origami paper or just plain construction paper as well. The important thing is to have at least three different colors and or textures. There is a great painted paper tutorial over at
Teach Kids Art.

Start with three circles the same size and a square.
Keep the first circle whole. Cut the second in half, and the third into eighths as shown.

Then follow the directions as shown below for placement.

Here is an origami version.

Student Examples...


Jacquelyn said...

I know you're pregnant and all but I think you are missing some key letters on your bulletin board ...

It made me smile :)

Ms. Julie's Place said...

Perhaps I am dense, but I don't see it. The after school program is called ASES which is an acronym for
something else(which I don't remember at the moment-blame that on the pregnancy...) I can also lay blame on someone else since I wasn't the one who put the background bulletin and lettering together- I only added the artwork and the bits about the wizard and Toto.
I do see how the lettering wasn't planned well in relation to the space available though and looks like there are missing letters though.
Hope that explains it..
PS The boys are super excited to see you all this week!:)

Jennifer said...

Wow, that is sooo cute! I have paper left over from another project and two girls who love puppies, sounds like a perfect recipe.

Cheryl said...

Looks like a really fun geometry lesson! Thanks for sharing!

Ms. Julie's Place said...

I definitely agree on the geometry aspect! Just think about all the fun you can have exploring the degrees with a protractor and figuring out diameter, radius, and area with pi!
Speaking of pi, this could probably be used as a cake pattern too!

joshua said...

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