Thursday, August 20, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road- More Oz projects!

Today I only bring you a glimpse of what I've been up to as of late. I have not had time to put together tutorials on these, but I wanted to share these wonderful projects anyway.

First we have Dorothy and the Tornado inspired by Oodles of Art Falling Back in Space lesson.
This project shown is my sample. I tried to encourage the kids to update Dorothy- if nothing else just so the character wearing a dress and the angle didn't create an "I see London" issue, and so we could use the opportunity to bring in thematic elements from the book and movie. Notice the rainbow and blue bird themes as well as the green sickly sky in the background.

Next up is our current project- The Not-so-Scary- Scarecrow. This is actually a mixed media, 2 piece of cardstock project. We did the background in pencil and sharpie and then colored in with crayon using heavy pressure to blend the colors. I encouraged the kids to use at least three different colors in each area- three greens in the cornstalks, three red/orange tones in the pumpkins, three blues/purples in the sky, etc. The scarecrow was done on a second piece of cardstock in pencil and sharpie then painted in with watercolor. I showed the kids the wash technique of laying down water in each area first to keep the colors light and only in the wet area.
Once it was done we cut out the scarecrow, attached it to the background with rolled tape to get a more offset 3-D look and them added in highlights and shadow details with more crayon and/or oil pastel.

The last one is not really an Oz project, but I suppose I could call them Cyclone Coasters!
They are based on this fun project at Art Projects for Kids. I just about used a whole magazine for this one. The only difference in my sample is that I did not complete the last step of pushing the coils into a bowl-shape, but just left them flat and painted them with white acrylic craft paint.
I have been meaning to add some more color or design or even make some coasters, but it hasn't happened quite yet.

That's all for now!

Except for this heads up...
Tune in next week for the announcement of a brand new blog carnival and a contest to kick it off!

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Katie said...

oh I love that you're using the falling back in space! Looks awesome!