Thursday, September 10, 2009

Giraffe Scratch

Jimmie inspired me to do this lesson which though super simple, can get a little messy. But the amount of fun you have is directly indicated by the amount of mess left behind, right? So here is a fun giraffe project!

You will need:

cardstock(the smooth surface works best for this type of project)
crayons or oil pastels
wooden skewer(shiskkabob stick) or unbent paper clip

1. Draw the giraffe in pencil according to the steps below. When finished, outline in sharpie and
erase any extra pencil marks you don't want.

2. Color with crayon or oil pastel with firm enough pressure to create an even surface- white is the enemy! Vanquish it!
(if there are areas you want to stay white, color them in with white- there needs to be two layers of materials for this to work properly)
Be creative with your colors! If you want a blue giraffe with orange spots then go for it!

3. Here comes the scary part! Once the paper is completely covered with color, add a layer of black over the entire picture! Again you will have to use a firm pressure, but you should still be able to see the design through the black.

4. Use the skewer or paper clip to "scratch" off the black. Try to scratch in different patterns to add more texture and visual interest!
(this is where things get really messy with scratched off crayon or pastel bits, you will want to cover your area or work outside.)
Clean up can usually be accomplished pretty easy from hard surfaces with baby wipes and or hand sanitizer- the alcohol breaks down the oil.

To see another project done in this technique,
check out
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Another variation of this project can be done
with colored glue and chalk pastel.

For a thorough tutorial on the process
check out That Artist Woman-Stained Glass on Paper.

While you are busy making giraffes, you can learn about them too with these very interesting giraffe facts at


Jimmie said...

Oh, wow. Your giraffe is beautiful! That does sound messy. But the result is worth it. A wonderful project!

Be sure to share your giraffes with 1 Million Giraffes!

sarah in the woods said...

Nice project. I've bookmarked your page for my art-lover.

{ jamie } said...

This is great! :-)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

We are going to surprise my daughter Amanda ( with this project!

Thanks for the great idea.

Barb-Harmony Art Mom

artolazzi said...

love your site! you have some great lessons. I just put together a blog, you should check it out: :)