Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog Hopping

Hi there y'all. I know I've been out of circulation a bit- if your baby was as cute as mine, you probably would be too! But she's a bit older now and I am slowly but surely being drawn(ha ha, get the pun?) back into the art teacher blog world. It has grown while I was gone and I have been finding some amazing new blogs with oodles of new creative inspirations for my kiddos this fall. I have also been humbled as I find links to this site on quite a lot of them. So if you have a link to this site on your blog and I don't have you in my blogroll yet, would you drop me a comment and let me know you're out there? I anxiously await the opportunity to steal, oops make that SHARE all your wonderful ideas. Even if you don't have a link to me, let me know and I'll add you to my blogroll anyway!

I'll just take this opportunity to update everyone on the precious princess Emberjayne whose image is gracing this post. I have the great honor of saying she will be completely off oh the antiseizure medication as of August 2nd. Currently she is down to only one dose (from two) per day. We are already seeing quite a change in her personality. She is babbling more and is just a lot more alert. She has been on the meds since she was 3 days old so we never knew what the difference might be. Phenobarbital is a central nervous system depressant so babies who have to take can be delayed as a side effect. She was hitting her milestones pretty well(not early but sort of in the middle of the timetable) so we weren't too concerned. It will be very fun to see what happens now though and maybe get to meet our real daughter for the first time very soon!

On another note, I hope to have some new lessons up here pretty soon. Leo's Helios will be up first!


Mrs. Hahn said...

Thanks Ms. Julie for becoming a 'follower' of my blog. I've come onto your sit a bit in the past. So nice to share! Your sweet baby has been fun to watch. I think you are already on my blog list. I thank you for including mine. It is the best way to create a wonderful network of creative minds. Thanks!

Katie Morris said...

Your daughter is a cutie! I'm expecting my first baby in early December... do you have any tips for lesson plans from when you were on maternity leave?

Ash said...

Great to have you back. Looking forward to your lesson plans. Glad to hear your beautiful baby is doing better.

Best wishes!


Snippety Gibbet said...

Your little one is absolutely adorable. Keep sharing those sweet pictures. jan