Saturday, March 26, 2011

Math and Art

In my classes of late we have been exploring relationships between art and math. If you ever go down this path, it is almost a requirement to include a lesson on MC Escher. I usually try to present some biographical information about the artist we are studying. Using a short video to accomplish this works fairly well, not to mention that with a little help from google and youtube, I can almost always find a video premade by someone else. The quality varies, as does the level of the intended audience. I find though, that if I pause the video here and there and explain what is coming up or what was just said, the kids digest it just fine. 
As a teaser to a tessellation lesson I'll be posting about soon, please enjoy this really well done video about MC Escher..

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Jenny Bartolazzi said...

Thank you! I am doing MC Esher this week!