Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artisitic Progeny

People often assume that because I am an art teacher, that my kids take lessons from me and that they must love having an art teacher for a mom. Kids tell me they wish their mom or dad was an art teacher. The fact of my profession is pretty much lost on my kids though. They hate taking classes with me. I did make them for a time, but then I realized I just needed to back off. They still consult me here and there for technical advice, but mostly they just practice on their own. The above photos show the results of that approach. These were done by my 9 year old son. He just got a brand new set of   48 Dick Blick Studio markers today. They are pretty much equivalent to Prismacolor Markers, just not quite as expensive. I don't know how long they will last, and Ryan seems intent on testing their longevity-TODAY! Ryan has a real intuitive sense of shading. His pencil work has floored me many times and he seems to be on the fast path to mastering blending techniques with makers as well. I would like to think that this has come from watching me and listening to the nuggets of wisdom I impart here and there. Although I am starting to think that it may be far less about me as much as it is giving him the freedom to play with quality materials as well as subject matter. You see we get a lot of guns, various explosives, and technical machinery in Ry's portfolio, but they are beautifully shaded. Would he have put so much effort into some subject I chose for him? I don't think so. Eventually he will need to learn how giving yourself limitations as an artist actually gives you more freedom to explore, but for now I will stand back and just watch- in awe.

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Anne Scrawling said...

When you think about it, like teaching your kids in the classroom about art and treating them just like everybody else can be very uncomfortable for the ones involved. Because as a mom, you really can't help but be more focused on your child. What does it feel like teaching your kids at school?