Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award- FInally!

I was so honored to receive this award from not just one, but two amazing bloggers;
Art at Chesterbrook Academy  
Outside the Lines Young Artists' Studios 

Being recognized by individuals whose work I admire and respect so much is truly edifying!

Of course this award does come with a few responsibilities. The first of which is to  publicly thank and link back to those who deemed you worthy of receiving it. Next up, tell seven random facts about yourself. Lastly, award 10 more recently discovered bloggers or old favorites with the same honors and high praise and make sure to let them know about it.

Since I have already completed requirement number one, let's move right on into number 2 shall we?


1. I ask my students to call me Miss Julie because if they call me Mrs. Moses I start looking around for my mother-in-law.
2. I collect quotes. I made myself a little journal of them.
3. I am a Joan Crawford like clean freak-though you could not tell that by looking at my house. Or my car.
4.  Each of my children believed that their belly button was called their "beep-beep" until they were about three years old because every time we sang "The Wheels on the Bus", when we got to the horn portion of the song, their tummy served as the sound maker.
5. I have learned more from teaching art to kids than I ever did in any of my high school or college art classes.
6. I am endlessly fascinated with neurology and current research on what is called neuroplasticity.
7. I generally ruin all crime dramas or suspense thrillers for my husband by figuring out the plot line pattern 15 to 20 minutes into the episode or movie. As such, my oldest daughter has vowed to create a patternless plot line someday in order to stump me.

Enough about me. Now on to the good stuff!


 Dilly Dally Art
Casa Maria's Creative Learning Zone
Art With Mr. E
A Faithful Attempt
Art Project Girl
Painted Paper
Art Rats
Teach Kids Art
SmART Class

So now it is their turn to honor some more of the truly deserving blogs out there!


Aleacia@Dilly-Dali Art said...

Thank you for the award!!!!!!!

Aleacia@Dilly-Dali Art said...

Thank you for the award!!!!!!!

Art Project Girl said...

Thank you for the Award!!! I am honored. Every time I try to accept on my blog. . . the baby needs attention:) It's very cool of you to be interested in what we're doing in art. Love to see what you are up to also!

Thanks for blogging and reading too.