Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Painted Paper City Skyline

8 1/2 " X  11" cardstock cut in half length wise.
tempera paint or acrylic in various colors including black, yellow, and purple.
oil pastels
old credit card
decorative edge scissors
 old toothbrush

This piece was created in stages.

The background was stapled together to create the panoramic length and first painted purple over the upper 2/3 of the pages and allowed to dry. 

Then black paint was added  over the purple layer and texturized with an old credit card that had been trimmed with decorative scissors. 

We combed through the black paint to reveal the under layer of purple. 

The lower 1/3 was painted yellow. 

Once that was all dry we added stars by flicking white paint off of a toothbrush.

For the buildings we started out by created several colors of painted paper and adding texture in the same manner as the background was done. 

After they were all dry, we used the shape template from this lesson in combinations to create buildings on the unpainted sides of the paper. 

Then we added details with black oil pastel and metallic markers. 

The buildings were cut out and glued on to the skyline at the bottom edge of the paper.

Highlights and shadows were added with white and respective building color oil pastels.

Optionally you could use a layer of Mod Podge to seal the whole picture and leave a shiny finish.

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