Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Goes On and the Paint Layers Keep Getting Laid On...Part 2

Yesterday, I left the story in a place of uncertainty. It's never a fun place to be, yet it's the place where we can gleen the most opportunities to deepen our relationship with God and our faith and trust in Him. We have been in these types of places a lot as of late. I will explain more about what that means in a bit. Back to the story...
We were safe at my mother-in-laws house and for all intents and purposes, comfortable enough. Having lived there as a family before for five years though, we knew that we just could not stay there again. We would if we had to, but we were praying for an alternative. Unfortunately our blessing came through the misfortune and ensuing benevolance of someone else. It seems wrong that someone should benefit at the expense of someone else, but it's really all about perspective. God took something that looked awful, and really turned it into something wonderful. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all our misfortunes could turn into a blessing for someone else who is truly in need of one? Somehow it might make them seem less unfortunate.
A wonderful couple at our church did just that, they chose to turn their misfortune into a blessing for our family. In the midst of very hard times, financial and physical, these lovely people were facing a foreclosure on their home. They chose to try and complete a short sale. After already finding a new housing situation, they felt some trepidation at leaving the property vacant. Everyday you hear of empty homes being pilfered and stripped while they are waiting to be sold. Voila, an amazing opportunity was created! We needed cheap temporary housing and they needed a housesitter. The temporary diggs even had a pool- green swamp though it was. No worries, my husband is a professional pool cleaner. Call it coincidence if you'd like, but I know where the plan originated. Pretty awesome, uh? Keep reading, it gets better.
Even though, this was an amazing answer to prayer, it was still temporary. This situation was only going to last 2-3 months at most. There we were, right back in the land of uncertainty. Again, not a problem for God.
We had pretty much resigned ourselves to the idea that we would need to downsize in a MAJOR way and live in a two bedroom apartment for a while. We have 3 kids at home right now. Two boys and our toddler girl. This would be tough, but we were willing to do what ever we had to. (But we wouldn't have to!)
We heard through the grapevine that a family my husband had known for years(he went to high school with their daughter) had a house for rent. The funny thing was that I was pretty sure that was the house our homeschool charter school facillitator was living in. Right around the same time as the fire though, I had gotten a call letting me know she wouldn't be working with us any more. I was so bummed. She was another friend my husband had known forever and I had known since marrying him 14 years ago. I still don't know all the circumstances relating to it, and I am still bummed to not be able to work with her this year, but because she chose to leave the house, we are able to rent it. I hope she'll be blessed by that. This house is actaully bigger than our last one and $400 less a month! The owners are also very encouraging of us making it our own. I will finally get to create a room for my little girl! The boys will also be getting some paint that isn't white as well! We will be moving in at the end of this month- just in time for the homeschool year.
On a side note, I mentioned I would let everyone know the true cause of the fire as well. It was...
The fire investigator deduced that the fire had started at the outlet behind my sons's bed. The combination of the plugged in fan and the friction of the bed moving from getting in and out of it, had created a hot spot waiting to ignite. It could have happened at any time. Why it happened in the five minutes my son was out of his bed in the middle of the night is part of a bigger plan I'm thinking.
What is was not caused by was any misbehavior on the part of my children. I do urge you though to be careful of what you put in front of utilized outlets- any kink in the cord can create a fire hazard.

I wish I could say we have left the land of uncertainty for a while... we never truly leave anyway, each breath we breath is not certain, it is a gift. We are still firmly entrenced at the moment though.
Because of getting to stay in this house, we got to use the pool. An amazing blessing when you live somewhere with average summer temps over 110 degrees. Because of using the pool, I noticed my son taking off his shirt after a swimming session with friends. He is a very private kid at 9 years old so I rarely see him shirtless. This day, I noticed how thick his neck and shoulders seemed to be getting. Wow, all the swimming must be turning him into Micheal Phelps! Wait, all that thickness is only on the left side...
Ryan has a very large swollen lymph node. X-rays revealed a few more under the skin not visible to the eye yet. Blood work showed a slightly elevated white count and markers for inflammation. A CT was ordered to get a better look. This post is late today, because that is where we spent our afternoon. We left there around 1:30 after being told that results would be at our doctor's office in a couple of hours. At 2:30 I got a phone asking for Ryan to come back in for a recheck at 4:30. If the results weren't in at the time of the phone call, they should be by the time we get there. Welcome to the land of uncertainty- the place only God can get us through.


Angie said...

Goodness. Keep us posted.

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I do admire your strength under these difficult circumstances.

The Art Fairy said...

Thank you. Of course, it's not my strength, but He who is in me. I so appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.