Thursday, October 20, 2011

Personal Challenges

So obviously I haven't been posting much. I do have some pretty good reasons not to. The biggest reason may not be neccessarily what you think though. I simply haven't been posting because I haven't been teaching. Not art anyway.
I am still homeschooling, but Ryan's illness has made teaching a tricky proposition. I used to teach from my home before the fire. But now, even though we have found a permanent living situation, Ryan's immunosuppression has me preferring not to teach out of my home right now. There are also a lot of appointments to be available for. I also can't just leave him by himself to go teach in a different location- and having to pay a sitter would probably cut so far into anything I made it wouldn't be worth it. I am exploring some options though. Including just being happy in this season and enjoying the time I get to spend with my family instead of planning lessons and bending my schedule to try and make clients happy.
That's not to say that I don't have ideas. There are lots of those, but you fellow art teacher bloggers out there know that it takes way more than an idea to make a whole post on an art lesson.
So in this interim season of my life I've decided to try and tackle a few personal challenges that teaching left me little time for. Not that I have much more time now, I just feel the need to challenge myself as an artist in this one of the most challenging times in my life.
Some personal projects I have been working on are two self-published children's books. I am hoping to have links to them here soon. They are just in the polishing stages.
 I also want to put together an actual art lesson book for those who might like to use it. It would of course include lessons not available on the blog- can't give away the cow and the milk you know. It will be a bit different. I plan to focus on art history based art lessons that focus on criteria based outcomes. I feel they are far more open ended and teach critical thinking skills not as challenged by simple drawing instruction, though it will include a bit of that. It will also include suggestions for unit studies across the curriculum. Big endeavor I know. I plan to start volume 1 with ten lessons. I will try to post updates as it comes along. Hopefully you may be intrigued enough to want to buy it!!
My last little project is my own personal artwork.
The Bravo series The Next Top Artist has inspired me. In the absence of being in an art class it is sometimes difficult to challenge myself to assignments that are outside my usual style or subject matter. This show challenges the artists on it every week with some theme or project intended to stretch them as artists. This past week artists needed to depict an original personal interpretation of motion while maintaining a cohesive theme for a group show. So... there's no group show in my near future, but a personal and original interpetation of motion: That is intriguing! I will post here when I am done with it. The next show is on October 26th so I will give myself that date as well for a due date on my assignment. If you feel led to join the challenge, let me know. I'd love to see what you come up with!
Tomorrow is a chemo day for Ryan. It is generally an all-day affair. We have to travel about 90 miles one way to the infusion clinic. We have to check in by 8:30 am so tomorrow will be a very early day for us. The 13 year old is going to a friend's house and the baby is being taken care of by a dear friend from church. The good news is that it is a pediatric clinic and really caters to kids. There is a Wii system and movies and even an arts and crafts area, though my son and I are a bit snobby about the supplies we like to use! :) I will also be able to take my laptop. There is a wifi connection there. Slow as it is, it will allow me to work on my other blog so I can finally get an update over there on how Ryan is doing!


Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

I am happy to see you are posting again.

Good luck with the chemo, I know everything will go well.

Anonymous said...

my heart goes out to your family. I will love to buy your book when it is available.

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