Friday, October 21, 2011

A Response to a Collaborative Challenge-Franz Marc

After repeated  failed attempts to leave a comment with a link to this lesson for Ms.ArtTeacher, I am reposting it here in hopes she will see it or hear about it from other art teacher bloggers that google does not deny commenting ability to. I have no idea why that happened. Anyway here was the challenge...

Lesson mission: Create a lesson inspired by Franz Marc that asks students to think about expressive color

So even though  this lesson is not new, it does fit the bill and why reinvent the wheel when a simple redesign will do. I would love input on how to improve this lesson. I would really like to make it more criteria based and give less direct drawing instruction for older kids. The goals stated in the above link are really great.
Without futher ado, here is my contribution to the collaboration...

Franz Marc was a German painter famous for his brightly painted animals that were slightly cubist in nature. To learn more about him you can visit my post about him at my other site Artist of the Week for Kids.

To begin you will need

sharpie marker- black
oil pastels

The drawing instructions look like this...

At this point you will want to outline the horse in black sharpie.

Then decide whether to use rectangles, circles or triangles
and then draw them in pencil over the
outlined horse.
Be sure to overlap often and to make some shapes
smaller and other larger.
Here is what rectangles might look like.

Now you will want to use the oil pastels to outline all the lines. Be sure to use bright, bold colors like Marc did. He was not aiming for realistic colors but ones that would make a dramatic impact.

Keep all the lines inside the horse's head the same color, use a different color for the mane, and a third color to outline all the lines of the background.

Once that is done, use a Q-tip to blend the edges inside each shape.

Here are some student examples.


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