Thursday, August 16, 2012

Antartic Penguins

Today we tried to beat the summer heat a bit by looking to the far, far south- the South Pole that is, as we learned a little bit about Antartica.
The project above was completed using layers. A ouline map was added with mod podge and then painted. We repeated the process with the penguin, which is a coloring page printed from the internet. I wanted to really focus on painting today, so we didn't do any original drawing. We did discuss cool and warm colors and how white tends to cast blue and purple shadows, giving snowscapes a very cool appearance. We also tried our hand at double loading our brushes with two colors of paint and mixing straight on the canvas. Above is my sample, but I am sure you'd much rather see the beautiful work of my students!

In fact, even my two year old got in on it. No pictures of her work, but I will show you what happens when you mix a two year old, painting, and a warm, full tummy of pasta.

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dreampainters said...

Very cool! We love penguins (and polar bears, and seals etc etc) Would love you to visit me at Dream Painters :)