Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning about Geography Through Art- Lesson One: Africa

If you are a longtime reader of this blog, this lesson will look familiar to you. Because of that, I won't bore you with a new tutorial. Giraffe Scratch will give you most of the info you need for this project.

The new version you see above incorporates geography in the lesson though. Did you ever notice that the continent of Africa really is sort of shaped like a giraffe's head and neck?

I had the kids trace a blank outline map of Africa with black oil pastel and then turn it over onto their new artwork paper(white cardstock in this case). It was secured by a clipboard. The kids used a marker with the cap left on to rub the pastel line onto the new paper.

(Did anyone catch my fail here?)

Be sure when you print out your outline map you tell the printer or photo editor you are using to print a mirror image. Our Africa's are only accurate when held up in the mirror!

We also discussed Facts about Africa and Giraffe Facts as we worked. Next week I will ask them what they remember about that. My theory is that they will retain more than a traditional geography study. What ado you think about using art to teach cross curricular subjects?

This little lady decided not to add the black layer. Still beautiful!

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