Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ryan's Wish Day! (Part 1)

It has been a long time since I wrote an update on how my son Ryan is doing. Last August he was diagnosed with a blood cancer known as Hodgkins Lymphoma. He underwent two hospitalizations and four rounds of chemo.  Around Christmas we got the great news that his CT/PET scans were completely clear. Another scan in March was also clear. We are slated for another scan this Wednesday, but this post is not about that. This post is about a fabulous day made possible by the Make A Wish Foundation!

The day started with lunch donated by California Pizza Kitchen. I told Ryan we were meeting with a photography "client".

This is what we saw through the window. Ryan knew he would get his wish, but he didn't know when or how it would be coming. After seeing this, he knew that this would be "The Day."


Laughing at Dad's jokes.

Yummy appetizers.

My husband and his Garlic Chicken Pizza. He was forced to recant some previous bad reviews of CPK after this. We went to CPK many years ago and didn't like it much. They have inproved apparently!

If his pizza was so good, than obviously my Carmelized Peach Salad with Grilled Salmon deserved a sampling as well. Please note, I did not get to sample his pizza though!(He ate it too fast!) No pics of Ry's lunch- a cheese pizza. He's 10. His pizza choices are generally pretty boring.

My older son Taylor had some very cheezy Hawaiian pizza..

Ember is very serious about her pizza.

Make A Wish also provided Ryan with a little disposable camera so that he could take pictures of his wish day. The pictures will be developed and copies given to both us and the anonymous donor(s) who helped make Ryan's wish possible.
 It even had his name on it.
Ember's take on it was this though...
"Oh, it has your name on it? Well, I can't read yet, so that means it's mine."
Two year old logic is hard to argue with.

"Mommy, I take your picture!" (For a change!)

Stay tuned for part two tommorrow!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Antartic Penguins

Today we tried to beat the summer heat a bit by looking to the far, far south- the South Pole that is, as we learned a little bit about Antartica.
The project above was completed using layers. A ouline map was added with mod podge and then painted. We repeated the process with the penguin, which is a coloring page printed from the internet. I wanted to really focus on painting today, so we didn't do any original drawing. We did discuss cool and warm colors and how white tends to cast blue and purple shadows, giving snowscapes a very cool appearance. We also tried our hand at double loading our brushes with two colors of paint and mixing straight on the canvas. Above is my sample, but I am sure you'd much rather see the beautiful work of my students!

In fact, even my two year old got in on it. No pictures of her work, but I will show you what happens when you mix a two year old, painting, and a warm, full tummy of pasta.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Learning about Geography Through Art- Lesson One: Africa

If you are a longtime reader of this blog, this lesson will look familiar to you. Because of that, I won't bore you with a new tutorial. Giraffe Scratch will give you most of the info you need for this project.

The new version you see above incorporates geography in the lesson though. Did you ever notice that the continent of Africa really is sort of shaped like a giraffe's head and neck?

I had the kids trace a blank outline map of Africa with black oil pastel and then turn it over onto their new artwork paper(white cardstock in this case). It was secured by a clipboard. The kids used a marker with the cap left on to rub the pastel line onto the new paper.

(Did anyone catch my fail here?)

Be sure when you print out your outline map you tell the printer or photo editor you are using to print a mirror image. Our Africa's are only accurate when held up in the mirror!

We also discussed Facts about Africa and Giraffe Facts as we worked. Next week I will ask them what they remember about that. My theory is that they will retain more than a traditional geography study. What ado you think about using art to teach cross curricular subjects?

This little lady decided not to add the black layer. Still beautiful!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know that I am also a photographer in the Southerna california area? Well now that you do, hop on over to my new photography blog. Jujujems Photography I am currently booking sessions for September. $75 for a 45 minute session plus a dvd of up to 25 edited images with copyright release. Location outside the Coachella Valley will incur an additional charge for travel.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Classes Beginning August 9th

If you are in the Coachella Valley of Southern California and are interested in taking classes with me than please email me at msjuliesartclass[at]aol[dot]com.
New class begins August 9th. Sign up now for a once a week art camp event as we explore the 7 continents through art. We will meet each Thursday for two hours. In the morning from 10am to 12pm, kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome to come learn and explore the world through art. In the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm older kids in 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome to explore the world through more challening projects. Cost is $75 for the four week class in either age group and enrollment is limited to ten in each group. Class fees are due by Monday August 6th. If you are joining late, please contact me about a prorated fee.